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Adolfo Hernández Alvarado
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July 23, 2012 / written by Mario Matus / Inope defies standard artistic typology bringing about an individual style ensconced within collective roots. Adolfo’s influences range from samples od contemporary work, however Meso-American motifs dominate his work. These themes come from the star maps created in Central America. He was mentally imprinted by murals revolving around him during his childhood within the sister border cities of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, Mexico and El Paso, Texas. Combining disparate elements lying within the U.S.-Mexico borderlands like a frontera hip hop of origins. It is a salsa combining prehistoric, modern, and post-modern movements into a new lifeforce where all the molecules transmute into an Inope piece. Like an alchemist, he manipulates the seemingly disconnected fragments into a new element, which he pulls and strains. Rescuing art from the prisons of private gallery, Adolfo pushes art back into the public realm. Doing so, public history and its education matters to him. Spinning tracks and brushes, the 'DJ Inope' moves his audiences to see and feel how everything connects in rhythms and delineation.

Savannah Mural 
mural location: Savannah, GA  at Mercer Auto Group 
Savannah Mural 

completed in sep 2012 - mural location: Savannah, GA coner of 34th & Habersham St. made possible by SeeSAW
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